I wanted to give you guys a quick update on my training. Everything has been going very well in preparation for this next fight. I am a little over 7 weeks out, and my training has remained constant up to this point. In a few weeks, I will critique a few things, more of this, less of that, type of thing. I’ve had great training partners, w/ Dan and Jim Miller fighting up in Montreal at UFC 124 this weekend, along w/ all the other AMA guys. I’ve also consistently been going to Renzo Gracie’s in NYC on Monday’s to roll w/ some great guys. Too many to name. My BJJ game is improving greatly, and my striking, while working w/ both Mark Henry and Mike (Trainer) is coming leaps and bounds. I’m ready to fight now!

A few quotes I’ve found recently…

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice”

“Like a machine” – This is my motto. Never stop, Don’t think, just do…like a machine!!!