Mark Cuban. Gary Vaynerchuk. Tim Ferriss. The Rock—These are all people that could have a dramatic impact on my life and career. But they’re famous and will most likely never give me the time of day. I don’t fault them for it. I don’t think they’re “too good for the little guys.” I just think they’re super busy, important people who just don’t have enough time to spend with each fan.

I’d loooove to connect with them so…

There are two plans of action; one that is certain to fail and one with an unlikely, but possible, chance of success. Option one is to do nothing and hope they notice me (certain to fail). Option two is to show this little magical word that can do wonders for everyone involved: INITIATIVE (unlikely BUT possible). Initiative is the nuts and bolts of “wanting” and “dreaming.” It is “the ability to assess and initiate things independently.”

I speak at a lot of schools and offer follow up conversations to every kid in the audience. I’ve spoken to approximately 10,000 kids this past year. Do you know how many kids actually show initiative and take me up on my offer? 5% maybe. Do you know how many of those kids follow up on the follow up? 1% maybe. I am still searching for that kid who builds a relationship and allows me to help them accomplish they’re goals.

It’s not always about being the tallest on the court, best on the mat or smartest in the classroom, it’s about showing initiative.

I could stand in front of my mirror and repeat 1000 times, “Please notice me, Rock, please notice me!” but it ain’t going to happen. No way. OR I could show initiative, pursue my goals, and should The Rock ever take notice, he’ll see a long line of hard work and consistency. Unlikely BUT possible. In the words of the great Lloyd Christmas, I’m saying “there’s a chance.”

Show initiative and do one thing you’ve been putting off this weekend. Watch it compound.


PS If you know The Rock, can you please tell him about me???