David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” Philosophy

About a month ago, my good friend and advisor (let’s call him JZ) told me about this book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. The email went something like, “YOU HAVE TO GET THIS!” So, I got it.

David Allen’s GTD philosophy is a personal management system. It was the answer to what I was looking for. So many times, whether I’m on the road, train, watching Gracie, or just sitting around, I have brilliant (I’m talking million, no, zillion, dollar ideas), but I miss out on that money because I simply forget the ideas.

Since implementing this system into my life, I’ve definitely experienced a significant increase in my organization and productivity. I’m not quite a zillionaire, but I’m on my way :)

So if you’re looking for a way to better organize yourself, give it a shot.

And, if for a milisecond, you think this is a paid endorsement, I am flattered, but I’m a looooong way from David Allen knowing who the heck I am.

Get it done and remember to leave comments. Be nice please :)

– Spaniard