For close to ten years, Sundays were spent on the road. The details changed over the years, but in a typical week, I’d wake up Sunday morning around 6:30, say goodbye to a sleeping Amanda in PA, and make the 3 hour drive to Whippany, NJ. I’d arrive just in time for 10 AM Sunday sparring. While most people were strolling into church or out of bed, I was four hours into life punching and getting punched in the head.

The point? Any Sunday I have these days spent sitting on my can feels like winning the lottery. As we are approaching the arrival of baby #2, we have the temporary luxury of relaxing weekends at home. One of our recent Sunday pastimes has become enjoying the “Funkmeister” taco special at Moe’s. With the purchase of a drink, 99 cent tacos!

But this week, the 99 cent taco special taught me something about myself. I’m going to share that with you, and I’m also going to throw myself under the bus.

For the “Funkmesieter” special to make economic sense, Moe’s has to set some guidelines. Those guidelines dictate that only “fresh, free ingredients” are included in the special. If you ask for a not “fresh, free ingredient”, there is no special. Simple enough, right?

No. After having bought the special just a few times, it was evident there was a flaw in the system – communication. It is two pronged:

1. The workers do not always communicate with the customer what exactly a “fresh, free ingredient” is. They are not labeled. More than once, I arrived at the cash register to find out my “Funkmeister special” was no special at all! Full price, Spaniard!

2. There is a lack of communication between the managers and the line workers. The managers have not clearly defined to the workers what constitutes a “fresh, free ingredient.”

I love fresh jalapeños. Not the pickled ones from the jar, but fresh cut jalapeños. It is the perfect amount of flavor and hotness to top off just about any dish, especially the “Funkmeisters”! The first time I went to Moe’s, I was told they are not included in the “fresh, free ingredients” list. I thought that was silly. The second time I went, I asked again (a different worker). This time, they were included. On my next visit, I asked the manager. She confirmed they are NOT included. Ugh!

Every time I go to Moe’s I ask about the fresh jalapeños. After all, who knows who’s going to know?!?

I asked yesterday, and I got them! As I sat there enjoying those amazing tacos with the freshest jalapeños, it dawned on me: how you do one thing is how you do everything.

If I let my integrity slip at Moe’s with fresh jalapeños, where else am I going to let it slip? They aren’t included in the “Funkmeister” special, and I know that. It doesn’t matter if the worker knows it, I do.

Living with a standard of excellence isn’t a sometimes decision. It’s a lifestyle. I may not always adhere to it, as I’m not perfect, but it is always on my mind – how you do one thing is how you do everything.

What standard to you set for yourself?