When we hear criticism, or even the word criticism, most of us get a sinking feeling in our gut. Criticism is never good, right?


Criticism is a catalyst for change and improvement. Yes, it can stink when delivered in the wrong way, but if used correctly, it can spark a much-needed change.

Did I like hearing that I was a “human blanket” in fighting? Heck no! It stunk. It made me feel terrible. BUT, I looked at it objectively and improved my fighting skills such that I was able to finish fights on the ground.

Let the haters hate, but take sincere criticism seriously, and use it objectively in your pursuit of perfection.

Seek feedback. Ask for constructive criticism. Get in front of it and make change.

In today’s AM Excellence, we dive into criticism and tie in the achievement of goals that are up there with the stars. You can listen here or subscribe to A Fighter’s Mindset – The Spaniard Podcast to have every episode sent straight to your phone.

Fight Well!