By January 15, 95% of people who have made New Year’s Resolutions have already fallen off the bandwagon. They have given up. I was stunned when I heard Tony Robbins state this amazing/disappointing statistic.

It makes sense. Most people try to make dramatic changes to their lives and just don’t have enough willpower and/or knowledge to see those commitments through. Motivation is great, but without substance it will wane like the tons of reality stars before us. A big hoorah followed by a sudden drop off. Missing the gym once makes it easier to miss it twice. Once you miss it three times, giving it up entirely is easier than mustering up the energy to get back at it.


The vast majority of the time, it’s not a revolutionary idea that creates big changes. It’s small, consistent actions repeated over a long period of time that does the trick. And often times, it’s a simple mindset shift that can do the trick. A simple change of thought process is, perhaps, all you need.

In the same talk, Tony offered a new perspective in sticking to resolutions and goals. He presented the idea of “Push vs. Pull” motivation. Most of us operate on the “Push” side of things. “Come on, Spaniard. Get up. Get to the gym. You can do it. GET UP!!!” This perspective requires willpower, and as I’ve mentioned before, willpower is a muscle, and it gets tired; it expires. The “Pull” type of motivation, though, never expires. “Pull” motivation focuses on your ultimate vision, the thing or person you want to be, have or develop more than anything in the world. So much so that you CANNOT afford to not do that thing that will bring you closer to your goal.

I want to be the Tony Robbins of young people while putting my family first. Therefore, I have to get out of bed early every day. I have to exercise and train my butt off to feel great. I have to listen to and read about the most successful people on earth. There is really no choice.

You think The Rock likes doing cardio at 4:30 AM??? Heck no! But he has a vision.

Is there “not enough time” to get everything done? Are you telling me that you have more on your plate than an international superstar/WWE wrestler/actor/everything else that he is and does???

Use your “Pull” motivation to get things done!