I’ve enjoyed the last week of relaxing, but my mini vacation is just about up. Taking time off after a fight is a rule of thumb for me; rest and relaxation can be as important as training hard. I got to spend some time w/ my family and fiance in PA. Zero working out, eating mostly unhealthy food, and thinking objectively about my defeat. It’s never easy or fun to relive a loss, but it’s a necessity. The more I learn and experience in fighting and training leads me to believe all those sayings that we use over and over and refer to as “cliche”, are actually the shining truth. I WILL learn more from this loss than a win, the sun WILL come up tomorrow, I AM fortunate to be healthy and able to train, and success IS a journey, not a destination. 

I’ll tweak a few things in training, try to make everything more efficient, spend more time on some things, and less on others. One thing I realized is that this is MY career, and I need to be doing what I think is best for me. When it al comes down to it, I’m the one looking myself in the mirror, not anyone else.

Thanks again for all of the support! Everyone loves a winner, but true friends and fans are shown in defeat. Thank you!