As I’ve said a number of times, I am very fortunate to have so many good friends and family in my life. My wedding this past weekend turned out perfectly, w/ so many people going the extra mile to make it special. In addition to the traditional wedding stuff, we also had some “extras” that made it unique. Frank Sinatra Jr. (@NeilDellaTorre) sang some awesome dinner music, @Sheetz went out of their normal spectrum to have a Sheetz Bros. Coffee truck greet our guests as they were leaving, and my good friend (and co-founder, my awesome webstore) @JackZerby sang our first wedding song, Crazy Love, which I downloaded on Winamp some years ago to impress Amanda :)

Take a few minutes and watch JZ take it away…and then get yourself a Goodsie account, or buy from mine!!! 

Thanks everyone who made this day awesome!!!