In the past few years, as I’m comfortably in (past) the twilight of my professional fighting career, I’ve begun to reflect much more. Introspection, looking within yourself and your experience, is an extremely valuable habit (It often drives me/my wife, crazy, but I believe it’s paramount to optimizing yourself, physically and mentally).

A few weeks ago, we (the AMX Fight Club) held our first group call. The calls are based on the premise of the termĀ mastermind. Coined by Napoleon Hill, the term is basedĀ on the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, all focused on a particular goal or cause, and the power/energy that results from it.

In all honesty, I didn’t know the common thread that existed amongst the FC members prior to that call. Listening to everyone talk and trade ideas, it became very apparent that we all shared one thing, DRIVE.

Today’s episodes focuses on that common thread.