I ran the Army Ten Miler this past weekend in DC. I was invited as a guest to participate in the race by the US Undersecretary of the Army, Patrick Murphy. Patrick is a close friend of my brother; they met in law school and taught together at West Point.

I went to the race with an excitement to develop a win-win relationship with Patrick and become more involved in military/veteran events. As well and good as that was, I also had to run 10 miles!

As I sit in my captain’s chair back in my office and reflect on the event, I’m reviewing some valuable takeaways that will be beneficial to you in your life:

  • A quote I saw on the back of a shirt: “Age creates wrinkles on the skin. Quitting creates wrinkles on the soul.” Don’t ever quit. EVER!
  • Another quote I saw on the back of a shirt: “Lead me. Follow me. Or get out of my way.” (Dwight Eisenhower). I, Spaniard, am on a mission (now refer to the quote).
  • You can be powerful AND a good person. Patrick is a powerful man, but he also took time to genuinely talk to me and offer me advice. He was speaking to me, not at me. He was looking at me, not over my shoulder.
  • A joint sense of purpose creates energy and community. There were 35k runners in the race, and the energy from start to finish was electric. Everyone there was committed to supporting the US Army (and military).
  • I should be ashamed of myself when I make excuses. I saw a blind man running a ten mile race while holding the elbow of his friend to guide him. I saw men and women with prosthetic limbs running a ten mile race, as well as people in wheel chairs. Stop making excuses!

Take these valuable lessons and do better today.


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