I’m 2 wks away from my next fight, and everything is on track. I’ve gotten tremendous work the last few months, w/ a variety of people. I’m of the mindset of seeking out the best in order to become the best. Do what they do, and you will become what they are. Most of my training has been done at AMA Fight Club. Our MMA training is second to none, w/ a great core group of guys and a variety of training. My standup is ever improving, incorporating both Muay Thai and Boxing into my arsenal. It’s slowly becoming instinctual. My BJJ is improving leaps and bounds. I’ve gotten to train w/ world champion fighters, BJJ world champs, you name it, at Renzo Gracie BJJ in NYC, as well as RIcardo Almeida’s gym in Hamilton, NJ. My strength and conditioning/ diet is spot on as well (well, I’m not gonna lie, I do cheat now and then), so thanks to InMotionMeals.com and Don Messing for getting me physically primed. 

I want to send a thank you to my sponsors for this upcoming fight (some may be added soon): Clinch Gear, Micro Tech, No Limits Personal Training, IAVA.org, In Motion Meals, Al’s Tavern (Altoona, PA), and Higher Strength Nutrition. Please support these companies; they help my dream stay alive!