Enjoy the show notes for Marc’s episode:

On staying positive despite setbacks such as two failed attempts to record this conversation: It’s not about our circumstance or situation, it’s how we respond to it that makes all the difference. You can get upset and swear and throw your cellphone and kick doors and get mad, or you can look at it and say, ”You know what? There’s a reason why that may have happened …”

On the vital roles his coworkers play: We become who we surround ourselves with, and to become successful, you have to have a successful team. It’s so important to be around like-minded people that also have a passion for helping and doing good in this world. I really believe God assigns people in your life for a reason, and sometimes it’s for a season, and sometimes it’s a lifetime.

On finding that having a million dollars was not the magic key he had expected: I thought it was going to bring happiness and joy, but: We have the same problems, the same situations, the same life. The key to happiness is making a difference in another person’s life. I always thought that money was going to make me happy. Money does give you the opportunity to do things, but it didn’t give me that fulfillment I thought it was going to give me. Becoming a millionaire, then a multi-millionaire, then losing it all and starting all over again—one of the most sobering things in my life. I’m not a professional athlete any more, making those big paychecks. It came down to the work ethic I grew up with and reinventing myself.

On looking ahead to 2018: I often look at this new year that’s coming—new year, new challenges—to ask, ”What can I do better in my life?” I don’t want to be complacent. Someone might say, ”Marc, you’re the number one speaker in the country, you’re at the top of the mountain,” but being at the top of the mountain doesn’t mean you stay at the top of the mountain. You’ve got to keep reinventing yourself, coming up with new ideas and having passion. I hear so many adults say things like ”Those were the days.” Man, I’m telling you right now, THESE are the days. These are the days we learn from past mistakes. We grow in grace and knowledge. We surround ourselves with positive people. We can learn so much and grow so much. You never stop learning. I will never retire, I will only reFIRE. Don’t ever give up on dreams and goals.

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