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Let’s Go Retro!

It's always fun to interact with gym goers and share what I know about fitness and training. We had a blast at Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ. Check it out!

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Retro Fitness, E. Windsor, NJ

  I had a great time at the Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ, last night. Through Jason, my friend and agent, we have formed a great relationship with Retro. These anniversary and grand opening events are the best. Lots of interaction with their members. Thanks Retro! (And soon I'll be on the Retro Wall [...]

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Retro Fitness of Woodbridge, NJ

On Tuesday, June 24, I'll be at Retro Fitness in Woodbridge, NJ for "Retro's Most Fit Challenge." These events are always a great time. Fitness challenges, a fitness class, and plenty of music and fun. If you're ever going to make it to an event, these are the ones to attend. Mark it down, 6-9PM, [...]

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