The Meateater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival


By Steve Rinella My quick notes: I’m a huge fan of Steven Rinella in general, and specifically his books (and TV series “Meateater”). This book is an extensive overview of skills and knowledge that better prepares you for life, outdoors in the wilderness and outdoors as in everyday living. Another two thumbs up from [...]



By Alfred Lansing My quick notes: Phew, what a book. You'll find lessons on leadership, purpose, resilience, community and more. You'll learn about nature and the world. This is a tremendous account of Ernest Shackleton and his crew's journey of survival that began with the mission of being the first people to walk across [...]

American Serengeti


By Dan Flores Categories: Science/Nature, History/Nation/Law My quick notes: I had heard Dan Flores on a podcast years ago and put American Serengeti in my queue. This is a fascinating look at the history of animals in North America, from the Pleistocene Era (Ice Age) to today. This books incites awe and wonder at [...]

That Wild Country


By Mark Kenyon Categories: Outdoors/Adventure, Science/Nature In the past few years, I've become really interested in reading and learning about the outdoors, and Mark Kenyon's "That Wild Country" provides a rich and thorough history of public lands in the US. Mark combines this history with his personal travel experience across our country into many [...]


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