The Bomber Mafia


By Malcolm Gladwell My quick notes: When I saw this book, I wasn’t sure I was going to read it. I’m a fan of Gladwell, but wasn’t so sure of this topic (It’s different from his other books IMO). BUT, and a strong but, I’m really glad I decided to dive in. It’s a [...]

The Hero Code


By Admiral William McRaven My quick notes: I really enjoy these types of books. Principle-based books with stories that drive home the lesson. Admiral McRaven delivers an easy-to-read and inspirational book that teaches character and virtue. A solid and fast read. View on Amazon Podcasts Listen to [...]

Three Wise Men


By Beau Wise My quick notes: Friend and former guest on the show, Frank Luna, recommended this book, and I’m glad he did. Author Beau Wise tells the story of his life which includes losing two brothers while in the military. It’s heartbreaking and inspiring. There were times in the book that I had [...]



By Dan Crenshaw My quick notes: Dan Crenshaw was brought into my awareness when he was the butt of an SNL skit. Little by little his name would pop up in podcasts I'd listen to and conversations I'd have. A few solid recommendations had me buy and study the book. It's a great manual [...]

The Ride of Our Lives


By John Gronski My quick notes: Boy, this was a fun and inspiring read. Fun in that the book flows well (I read it in one afternoon sitting), and inspiring in that author John and his wife, Berti, biked 4,000 miles across the USA with their fifteen month old son. It's a story of [...]

The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols.


By Jocko Willinck My quick notes: Short, sweet and to the point. You'll breeze through this manual in an hour or two. But not without an arsenal of action. Just like the author, this book is a how-to for discipline and action. View on Amazon Podcasts Listen [...]

Grateful American


By Gary Sinise My quick notes: You watch a movie and see an actor as a character in that movie. You can often forget (I do, anyway) that they're real people with lives outside of acting. Gary Sinise is not just Lt. Dan. He's a man with a vision to fight for better lives [...]


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