Tap into a fighter’s passion for lifelong learning.

It’s an odd question for an educator, but are you still excited about LEARNING? Both for yourself and for your students?

If you’re not sure, here’s a course that can help. Please watch this video and read below.



It’s common for school faculty to become bogged down with requirements, paperwork, demanding parents and unruly kids. Low morale does happen.

But you need to rise out of it, both for yourself and for the well-being of your students. Here’s how to reignite your passion for the primary aim of education: Lifelong Learning.

Join this session with a former teacher (junior/senior high Spanish) with unique additional credentials: Division I Wrestler … Reality show champion … and a UFC fighter ranked #7 in the world.

Charlie ”The Spaniard” Brenneman carried his fight handle into a new career as a speaker and host of The Spaniard Show podcast with 1200+ episodes that highlight the power of ongoing learning from books and conversations.

The Spaniard champions learning in 8 episodes per week.

Charlie is also the author of two memoirs: DRIVEN: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage and his brand-new book:

Charlie’s second book grew from a powerful insight: Everyone knows the importance of lifelong learning for adapting and thriving in a changing world. We hear this in countless commencement speeches and regularly in media articles. But who makes this under-appreciated art and practice compelling?

What Bear Grylls does for survival training …
What Rachael Ray does for quick & easy cooking …
What Mike Rowe does for blue-collar work …


Charlie, who has recorded over 800 hours of audio exploring books and interviewing world-class guests, aims to supply exactly that inspiration and can help educators retain excitement so as to enrich countless lives.

Charlie speaks from experience: He credits ongoing learning for making him a better husband, father, friend, athlete, communicator—better in every role that he fulfills. Learning does the same for you and your students, helping you live out your healthiest and most fulfilling potential.

Now you have the opportunity to hear from Charlie directly. He has adapted his book WORLD’S TOUGHEST LIFELONG LEARNER into a 90-minute training packed with concrete tips and illustrations to rekindle your fire for learning.

His workshop covers all of these principles:

  • Learn by Taking Action – Get in the cage
  • Learn from Failure – Expect to get knocked down
  • Learn via Role Models – Train with champions
  • Learn by Being Open to Change – Adapt your style
  • Learn from the “Wrong Things” – Train at other gyms
  • Learn by Asking – Listen to your trainer
  • Learn by Persevering – Keep getting up
  • Learn by Believing – Be your own fan
  • Learn with a System – Set up your training plan

Charlie illustrates each concept with stories from others and from his own life. He will urge you to develop your own reliable system for learning and will share the 8-part schedule that he follows each week. We all know about physical fitness plans. Charlie points the way to mental fitness plans.

The aim is a global movement for lifelong learning, and Charlie has ripples going. This is your chance to be in the early wave and jolt your heart for education.

To register for the next session (Tuesday, Oct. 1, 4 PM EST), click below. You will be sent directions on how to connect and a certificate upon completion.

Registration ends: Friday, Sept. 27, 4 PM EST.