Who’s afraid of embarrassment? Who’s afraid of failing and looking like a dummy? I am. Most rational people are.

BUT, I won’t stop. EVER.

Getting KO’d on LIVE TV does something to you. It teaches you humility. It embarrasses you in front of a million people. Then, you learn, you get up, regroup and move on.

I learn from the best, and they don’t stop. Frankie Edgar and Phil Knight stick out to me as the most prominent examples. Frankie, of course is a world-class fighter whose will can inspire an entire species (I learned first-hand from him), and Phil Knight, the creator of Nike, whose book, Shoe Dog, taught me 1000 lessons in perseverance.

And so I am here today, on the cusp of breaking 100k downloads of SPANIARD101: Learn to be BOLD (a show that teaches people to be, well, BOLD) and offering up an answer to a previous setback.

Last year, the AMX Fight Club membership program was born out of early adopters of my daily series, AM Excellence (AMX). AMX has been described as a “pocketbook of inspiration” and “a vitamin for the brain.” The premise: I read and consume inspiration daily, create and teach a lesson in 8 minutes or less. It is delivered via my podcast, SPANIARD101: Learn to be BOLD, and is meant to give you an AM boost, a voice in your head telling you the things you need to hear…to NOT take the easy road, to NOT second guess your abilities, to be MORE than average. In time, though, I realized the AMX Fight Club, and I as the leader, was missing something. I hadn’t yet figured out exactly what I was trying to offer. I decided to cancel the program and offered a full refund.

And so we are here today with the launch of AMX-tended, a version 2.0 of the AMX Fight Club. It is for the early/mid/current adopters of the AMX lifestyle. In AMX-tended, I will be delivering an extended weekly episode of the mind-stimulating content that I am constantly consuming. I presume (based off the expertise of Gary Vaynerchuk) that some will join because they truly value the added content, some will join simply to support the cause, and some won’t join.

Maybe I’ll look back in a year and write about AMX Fight Club 3.0, or maybe I’ll be interacting with thousands of AMX-tended’ers. Regardless, I won’t be stopping. And neither should you.

Join AMX-tended.