“Fred was always careful to manage his own time in the most thoughtful and deliberate way, and he honed his unique ability to focus on what was important to him, undistracted by his family and friends.” – The Good Neighbor/Maxwell King – AMX601

Prioritize and Execute. “If it’s not a Hell Yes!, it’s a No.” – Take your pick. Don’t be distracted. Move the needle.


“In ways that no one else, except possibly his wife, Joanne, understood, Fred Rogers was driven by the need to find outlets for his powerful creativity.” – The Good Neighbor/Maxwell King – AMX602

Please don’t make me sing it…OK, I’ll sing it…Express yourself! Find a way.


On this week’s AMXKids, we learn: the rarity of perfect days, the most valuable trait (imo) and the beauty of building a strong mind and body. – AMXKids19

Where the Red Fern Grows is a smiling-inducing warp zone to the past. Listen, learn and smile.


“You can be an agent of what’s good and not be terribly direct about it.” – Fred Rogers/The Good Neighbor/Maxwell King – AMX603

Rogers focused moreso on humanistic values vs. one religion or another (one theology or another). He was disinterested in debates (as well as his comparison to Sesame).


Fred was taught the “Guided Drift” concept by his seminary professor, Dr. William Orr: “one needed to live a life that was open to change and serendipity, that embraced the possibilities of life rather than the confines of a rigid set of rules…that we’re guided by our principles but are also free to embrace the flow of life.” – The Good Neighbor/Maxwell King – AMX604

The flow is a stream made up of our principles. In it, we are free to embrace the turns. Ultimately, it’s a higher power that moves us along.


“At the end of the day, we’re just trying to gain understanding where there currently is not one. That’s the most fun thing. Not only that you personally didn’t know at the outset, but that no human before you has ever known. To add a morsel of knowledge to the human canon is the ultimate goal. That’s what really gives you the most satisfaction.” – Rich Magee (Plasma Physicist and lifelong friend), #203

Stretch. Your. Brain. Listen to this!


Dr. Margaret McFarland (Mr. Rogers’ mentor): “Attitudes aren’t taught, they’re caught. If the teacher has an attitude of enthusiasm for the subject, the student catches that…” (to an artist she invited to her class – “I don’t want you to teach sculpting. All I want you to do is love clay in front of the children.”) – The Good Neighbor/Maxwell King – AMX605

If I’m a good enough teacher, you’ll catch my enthusiasm for learning!!!