I’m being sincere when I say this. There is no secret anger or condescending feeling involved. I promise. But at the end of the day, no one really cares.

It’s important to plan, research, do your best and so on, but one thing I’ve come to realize through practice and conversation is this: people want something, anything, that will make their lives a bit easier, more fun, more convenient or overall better, and THAT is what really matters matters. How it’s achieved, within reason, is irrelevant.

No one really cares.

So when you’re doing whatever it is that you do, focus on creating the best product possible and providing the greatest value to whomever your consumer is. Don’t sweat the small stuff because no one really cares.

We are all people. We all have our goods and bads. I don’t look at members of my family, or my best friends, and pick out each of their faults. I look at them for the overall good that they add to my life. I don’t look at their faults because I don’t really care. (Again, “within reason” is key here). Stay inside the lines, identify your values, and live by them.

I’ve identified 2 grammar mistakes in my book that irk me to no end. But does it really matter to all of the people who support me and have experienced this journey with me? Absolutely not. I did my best in creating the best possible book I could, and that is what matters. People appreciate people who live as they are make mistakes honestly, while always trying to improve.

So the next time you are debating on which suit matches which shoes or whether a black belt should match your shoes or socks, remember that NO ONE REALLY CARES. Put your energy into that opportunity to make an impression on someone so that they don’t forget you. Do that, and I promise they won’t care if your shoes matched your belt.

I wore the same joggers all weekend. Does anyone REALLY care? :)


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