I wanted to take a minute to send out a big thanks to one of my sponsors, HigherStrenghNutrition.com. Russ (owner) has been w/ me on this journey for quite awhile.

One of the big things I have paid more attention to, since getting into the UFC and competing against world class athletes, is my nutrition. Not only eating right, but making sure my body is getting the proper supplements to increase muscle building/ recovery. While some fighters live off of supplements, I tend to stay pretty basic – proteins, amino acids, and vitamins. 

Between Russ and my Strength Coach Don Messing, we do a great job of keeping me primed. Training 10-13 times per week takes a toll on my body, so this aspect of my career is quite important.

Whether you’re in Jersey or not, check out HigherStrengthNutrition.com. Orders can be shipped.

Show some support, Spaniard Nation!!!