*The inspiration for today’s blog comes from Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, creator of Nike
  • Phil Knight talks about his desire to work for himself and create something he can call his own. Have you ever felt pride in something you’ve done/created? This idea takes me back to one of my former wrestling coaches at LHU, Mike Rogers. Back then, around 2003, Coach Rogers taught us the old saying, “My body is a temple.” He used it in a way to convey to us the importance of taking care of ourselves, physically and mentally; what we put into our minds and bodies had a big impact on how we performed. Think about it…Your body is a temple. Treat is as such.
  • In the book, Phil discusses the entire process of creating Nike, beginning with the initial “Crazy Idea.” At one point, he talks about negotiations and said something very poignant (that will most likely seem obvious). He said the most important part of any negotiation is “knowing what you need in order to walk away and be whole.” This takes me back to fighting. At most times, I didn’t know what I needed in order to walk away and feel whole. I was so enamored with being in the UFC that I didn’t necessarily consider those details. I’d like to think I am much more aware of what I need in my new ventures to feel whole and complete. Have some pride in yourself and figure out those details.
  • There is something to be said about being “all-in.” John Maxwell talks about it in the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” The Law of Buy-In states that people are drawn to the leader first, and then the vision. If you’re trying to influence others (employees, spouse, friend, team, students, staff), you’ve got to be all-in. Phil Knight is all-in. Cael Sanderson is all-in. The Rock is all-in. The most successful people across all fields are all-in. It creates confidence and trust in you from others. Are you all-in?

Life’s a fight. Carpe Diem. Fight Well.