In the last four days (largely in part to Jim Harshaw’s Wrestle w/ Greatness Podcast #24), I’ve been diving headfirst into nutrition. To say nutrition is simple would be like saying everyone MMA fan is an expert (sarcasm intended). As a lifelong wrestler, many people would’ve assumed I know the details on why certain foods work for me in competition and certain foods don’t work.

I’m on a quest for “total human optimization” ( uses this slogan, and dang, it works), and here is what I’ve found…

Nutrition is like a worm hole (or ant hill, however that saying goes); once you start digging around, it just keeps going and going and going. There are many different theories and laws regarding nutrition, but what I’m finding in my recent pursuit falls in line with my philosophy on many things: moderation and balance are very important. If you are die hard in one perspective, great, live it and enjoy it. For everyone else, I highly recommend reading and educating yourself enough to have a basic knowledge to know what you are putting into your body.

I’m certainly not a “know-it-all” expert and don’t claim to be…just yet :). But I’m reading and learning every day.

What’s your action for the weekend? Watch “Fed Up” on Netflix. It’ll either change your thinking or at the very least, raise one of your eyebrows (or if yours are connected like mine are, it may just raise both!)

I highly encourage and welcome feedback via my blog and social media links. The more convo, the better!

Thank you all and keep on keepin on!