I spent the last few days out here in Kearney, NEB, for the DII national tourney. Every year I watch nationals, I’m reminded of the extreme ups and downs this sport brings. It’s like no other. For the few that achieve their dreams, kudos. You are very fortunate. However, the vast majority fall short of their goals. Kids train their whole lives for one weekend, and in the blink of an eye, dreams are made or broken. There’s nothing like falling short, losing, and having to stand up like a man, shake your opponents hand, maintain your composure, and walking of the mat knowing that you have fallen short of your life’s dream. It makes a man out of you, period. And to battle back in the wrestlebacks, to keep that steadfast unwavering intensity, is character defining.

Kudos to the guys this year, and every year. There is truly nothing like this sport.