L to R: My bro Ben, Darcy Regala, Me, Frankie, Chris Liguori

Everyone and their brother is staking claim to Frankie Edgar tonite, and I shall be no different :)  I clearly remember three or so years ago, while I was sitting at my desk in between Spanish classes, emailing Frankie when I came across an article online about his fighting career. We had been acquaintances throughout college wrestling, and once I began fighting, I shadowed him as much as I could b/c I wanted to be where he was. Himself, along w/ Chris Liguori, helped me a great deal, ranging from bettering my technique, cornering me for several fights, and advising me on my career. They are two of the most loyal people in the game, and I can guarantee Frankie and Chris are living this dream together.

I hope in three more years, I can look back on this night, and be content w/ where I’m at.