It’s good to be home. Had a great week last week out at Quest in CA, but there’s no place like home. Got some great work in this week at Renzo’s, AMA, and Almeida’s. Got another session in w/ boxing coach Mark Henry. My brain is actually fried after every session. There is so much going on when striking, it’s mind blowing. My brain literally hurts (from paying attention, not from getting hit), and I am physically tired from just listening and making small, subtle movements. But my brain did actually hurt from sparring w/ Frankie today. I’m learning from the same guy he did, and I am 3 yrs. behind him, so he knows everything I try to do. Kinda sucks :) 

Coaching is going well. The guys are getting primed, and they push me when training w/ them. I say it a million times, there’s no shape like wrestling shape. And coach Rivera knows how to put them through hell!

I’m off to Bellator tonight in Philly. Some great fights. I’ll be rooting for Alvarez. Lyman and Askren should be interesting.

This day started at 4:45 AM and consisted of two tough workouts. It’s time for some shut eye before the fights.