@inmotionmeals I wanted to give a big shoutout to one of my primary sponsors, InMotionMeals. Most of you know that we work together, but for this fight, they have increased their dedication to my cause. When my fight was scheduled for Sept. 1, we made an agreement based on that date. Mind you, I am consuming a great deal of food. I have made a conscious decision to increase my mass using the right foods, combined w/ strength training. However, bc of the extended three weeks of training/ living before my fight Sept. 22, they could have easily, and rightfully, set up a new agreement. They did not. “Just train hard and win, and tell them how you did it” was their response. Class act. 

So please check them out and show them your support. I can truly say it’s healthy and delicious. Make the commitment.

InMotionMeals.com, 201 840 8496.