Every once in awhile, it’s great to reconnect with old friends and wrestlers. Time flies by (as we touched on last week) and things change, but the connections and impressions we make can last forever. I had a former wrestler make contact this past weekend. He let me know that my blog and my experiences have been helping him chase his ultimate dream: becoming a United States Navy Seal. Whoa…on many levels.

I’ve read many books on Navy Seals, and I’ve often asked myself, “Could I do it?”

A few things stuck out from our conversation:

  • The importance of setting a goal and making a plan (2 of my Elements of Excellence I pass on to young people) – He was able to identify his goal with absolute clarity—Become a United States Navy Seal. He put his plan in motion. Step 1, enlist in the Navy. There are more steps that he mentioned, but Step 1 is by far the most important step of any plan. It gets you started! He’s living his life in a way that will increase the odds of achieving his ultimate goal. *I might add that he writes this goal down every single day, something hardly anyone has the sticktoitiveness to do, including myself.
  •  The importance of passion. Nothing else matters. There are bigger, stronger, more agile, athletic guys than him, but none of that matters when you’re submerged in ice cold water and you’ve been broken down to levels not even I know exist, heart and passion rule all. Who knows if he’ll ever become a Navy Seal. It’s a long process and there are a ton of unknown variables, but I know when I talked to him the other day, he spoke in confidence and was very matter of fact. There was no doubting his passion.

This brings me to my age-old question…Could I become a Navy Seal? I’ve wrestled and fought at the highest levels in the world. I’ve endured grueling training sessions to the point of total exhaustion since I was a kid. Surely I could do it, right?

Nope. Why? I don’t have the passion. If I did, I’m very confident I could endure the process. But without the passion, without that burning desire and unwavering faith (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill), it would be impossible.

To all the Navy Seals, especially you Joe, you’re on another level. Respect.

Takeaway: Passion trumps all.