On January 1, I started working with Dave. Dave was a fan who became a friend. He had battled with weight his entire life and was looking for a lifestyle change. He had approached me several times about training together, but it wasn’t until he was about to be a father that he kicked his own butt into gear. Since January 1, he has lost 75 lbs.

I asked him to list any principles/perspectives/ideas that helped him along this journey. Anything, I told him, that helped you – could be a word, a philosophy, an exercise, anything. He listed the following principles that helped him lose 75 lbs. and changed his life. I will translate these principles from the gym to your life.

  • WATER! WATER! WATER! – Drinking water everyday is what you call a “keystone habit.” It is a small, simple action that becomes a habit (and has health benefits). This small, positive habit has a ripple effect and will influence other areas of your life. Try it. It’s easy.
  • Keeping a Journal is Key – While Dave records everything he eats and drinks, you don’t have to do just that. Try tracking your expenses daily (I use “Goodbudget” on my phone) or listing 3 things your grateful for every day. In my mentoring program, we use the “DRG” (Daily Reflection Guide). Stay present in, and aware of, your life.
  • Have an Accountability Partner – There nothing worse than having to tell someone, face to face, that you didn’t follow through on something. Find a friend or colleague who is on the same track as you. Keep each other accountable – nutrition, training, not saying negative things, whatever it is, create a way to check yourself.
  • Remind Yourself Everyday this is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet – Start slow, small. Don’t try to make drastic changes at once (unless, of course, that’s worked for you in the past). Generally speaking, taking small, incremental steps is psychologically better for you in terms of sticktoitiveness. We’ve had wins and losses in our time together, but we’ve always had the understanding we are playing the long game.
  • Sweat Everyday, and the Meat Sweats Don’t Count! – (My favorite) Exercise. Move. Push yourself physically and mentally. Just as drinking water, pushing yourself with exercise will form discipline and mental toughness. That discipline and mental toughness will cross over into other areas of your life.

I’ve seen Dave, and J-Rod (another person I work with) change their lives. Dave’s entire way of life is different, and J-Rod has improved in strength, conditioning, mental toughness, but most importantly, in self-confidence. Use the above principles to develop and evolve yourself.

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