Is “Do YOUR Best” a Cop Out?

When you play with fire, chances are you're going to get burned. When you aspire to accomplish anything worthwhile, chances are you're going to fail at least once before you succeed, if you ever do. If you want to achieve goals, you need to set them. But goals aren't the only thing of importance. There's [...]

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The Two Pains in Life

From 18-23 years old, I wrestled at Lock Haven University. I was a typical college kid. Initially take aback by the freedom and choices I now had (mostly the fact that I could eat pizza and drink Pepsi all day every day was enough for me), I never strayed far from my core values. I [...]

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How a simple interaction changed the course of my career

"Let's just have fun..." In 2004, I had the best season of my collegiate wrestling career, finishing in the top 12 at D-I nationals. Nothing really changed physically from the prior year; it was more of a mindset shift. I distinctly remember taking my dad and my brother aside at the ESU Open (the first [...]

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Wrestling Camp in Blair County

    My passion is to influence young people, and anytime I have the opportunity to work with young wrestlers, I'm on it. I was a young wrestler (now I'm just a little older), and the sport has taught me so many valuable life lessons. I'm excited to share both my wrestling knowledge. The knowledge [...]

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January 29th Speaking Event

Do you want to know some of the most valuable principles I've learned during my professional fighting career? Come find out January 29 at the Hollidaysburg/ Altoona wrestling match. I'll be speaking prior to the varsity match (approximately 6:30-6:45). The principles I'll share are well suited to fit the lives of young wrestlers and athletes. [...]

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