SAC Council Meeting

On Wednesday, Feb. 26 I had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the SAC (Student-Athlete Character/ Leadership) Council in Allentown PA. This was such a great audience. Every one of the kids was selected to be part of the council. They are student athletes committed to making themselves better. Thank you Mr. Rusty [...]

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Speaking at Barringer Academy

As my fighting career continues to evolve, I have formally begun to build my professional speaking career. I have learned a great deal of valuable information over the course of my career and lifetime, and I am excited to share it. My goal is to ignite positive change in the lives of those hearing my [...]

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A Rough Defeat

After six months of intense training and personal development, I felt extremely well prepared for my fight in Brazil. The universe had other plans. What started out as a great fight in my favor quickly turned into a defeat by submission. A small, but vital, technical mistake was to blame. I zigged when I should [...]

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