In the End, It’s Quite Simple

Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Peyton Manning, Mark Cuban, Usain Bolt—These are all thought and industry leaders who have paved a path for many others to follow. They're a diverse group of people with many different talents and skills. They all share one thing in common, though, and I'm about to blow your mind by sharing the [...]

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Are You a Doer or a Sayer?

On Sunday, I scheduled a mentor session with a young wrestler for Wednesday evening at 8 PM. On Monday afternoon, I got a text from him that read, "I have midterms this week. Is there anyway we could reschedule for Wednesday morning before school?" Wednesday morning before school! Talk about having his priorities straight. We [...]

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Go 1st Class in Everything You Do

You are what you eat. You are what you think. These two truths can be your asset or your enemy. These two truths also have a big impact on those around you. When I was young my parents instilled in me a standard of excellence with which to operate. They never came out and said, "You [...]

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