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You Just Never Know

This past Wednesday I spent the afternoon at Balance Studios in Philly doing BJJ (jiu-jitsu). I'm still training hard and in good shape, but it's more of a psychological boost that I get from training nowadays, as I don't have anything scheduled fight wise. It makes me feel good...unless I get my butt kicked. Balance [...]

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Finding the Right Balance

My career is a work in progress. It is in constant evolution. Finding the perfect mix of everything is not an easy task. Some fighters have it easy; they are able to find everything under one roof in nearby towns/ cities. For those of us not as fortunate, it takes a bit more work, but [...]

2020-07-26T23:03:04-04:00June 10th, 2014|0 Comments

UFC 172 Training Update

In an effort to "efficiencize" my life and training, I made some changes following my last fight. I found myself spending more time on the road than in the gym. Thanks to a variety of good people, I've found a nice groove. I split my training between AMA Fight Club in NJ and Balance Studios [...]

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Training in Philly – Balance Studios

It's been a quiet last few weeks. I've been trying out some training over in Philly pretty consistently. Allows me to be at home more w/ my family. Saying goodbye to the little one has already gotten next to impossible :) It's been a great fit over there. Some very high level training partners and [...]

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