A Runner’s High


By Dean Karnazes My quick notes: Dean delivers another great read (he’s written several books) in this one. I enjoy how he intertwines ultrarunning and life with an honesty that shows you who he is as a person. It was this extra insight into Dean the person that I especially enjoyed. View on Amazon [...]

Eat Smarter


By Shawn Stevenson My quick notes: 2021 for me is a year of trimming down the fat, moreso figuratively than literally (as in bad habits and wasteful thinking), but this book about nutrition continued to further my education on health, energy, vitality and overall wellness. While it gets deep into the particulars of enzymes, [...]

The Wim Hof Method


By Wim Hof My quick notes: If you’ve never heard of Wim Hof, I recommend you give him a quick Google. Owner of 26 world records and nicknamed “The Iceman”, he has, simply put, made cold cool. He burst onto the scene a few years ago showcasing and promoting the health benefits of cold [...]

The Art of Resilience


By Ross Edgley My quick notes: A huge fan of Ross's first book (The World's Fittest Book), I was excited to dive into this one. He has a nice writing style that blends personal experience, science and philosophy and results in educational and inspiring reads, especially to someone who loves pushing their physical and [...]



By Darin Olien My quick notes: It's crazy how you start to look at things differently as you get older. Values change, reasons for valuing certain things change and your overall perspective on life changes. I've found myself becoming much more aware of longevity and functional health in recent years. How this differs from [...]



By James Nestor Categories: Health/Wellness/Training, Performance/Effectiveness My quick notes: Breathing is one of those things we do (25,000 times a day) that we rarely take a second to consider. In "Breath", James Nestor takes us through a historical ride of breathing and shows the health benefits of proper breathing, as well as the health [...]

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