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By Darin Olien

My quick notes: It’s crazy how you start to look at things differently as you get older. Values change, reasons for valuing certain things change and your overall perspective on life changes. I’ve found myself becoming much more aware of longevity and functional health in recent years. How this differs from my younger years is that I used to simply train to win. I didn’t think much about nutrition, oddly enough. I just thought about getting my hand raised. Now, while I still do train with winning in mind, I think moreso about my kids and my future. I think about being a fit, healthy and active dad who lives a rich life alongside his kids. And that lends me to think about my overall health and wellness. And that lends me to books like this. If you’re reading what I’m writing, this book can teach you a great deal about living a “healthy, fit, and eternally awesome” life. Oh, and couple this book with Darin’s series on Netflix (alongside Zac Efron), “Down to Earth.”

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