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The Ronald McDonald House

I recently made a trip to the Ronald McDonald house here in Hershey, PA. I got to learn a little bit about this great charity. Take a minute and listen to what's happening at the house.

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Hardcore Adventure Racing! Check out our adventure at #TheFrozenSnot race. Crazy intense. Enjoy the video…and my frozen snot! @bosssnot(Source:

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Cake Factory Tour A few weeks ago, my wife and I visited the Cake Boss factory and shop. Thanks Cousin Anthony for the tour!(Source:

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Honeymoon in Spain, Part 1 @ufc I made a few video blogs from our honeymoon in Spain. Here’s the first one. Enjoy!(Source:

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Best Wedding Ever! As I’ve said a number of times, I am very fortunate to have so many good friends and family in my life. My wedding this past weekend turned out perfectly, w/ so many people going the extra mile to make it special. In addition to the traditional wedding stuff, we also had some “extras” [...]

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It’s Christmas Time! It’s Christmas time!!! Here’s a fun little video of us getting our Christmas tree :)(Source:

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New Car! Here is the vid I put together while getting my new car at Stuckey Ford/ Subaru in Hollidaysburg, PA. It was a great experience - the interaction w/ their team, as well as the product itself. A+ from Spaniard! - Check em out!!!(Source:

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