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Speaking at Barringer Academy

As my fighting career continues to evolve, I have formally begun to build my professional speaking career. I have learned a great deal of valuable information over the course of my career and lifetime, and I am excited to share it. My goal is to ignite positive change in the lives of those hearing my [...]

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Let’s Go Retro!

It's always fun to interact with gym goers and share what I know about fitness and training. We had a blast at Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ. Check it out!

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Some New Moves

I've been working w/ Tim Pollock for a few months now, and I'm really pumped about where we are headed. Tim is always evolving and improving our sessions. Here are a few of the recent exercises we've been doing. As you can see, they're very relative to MMA.

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Effective and Efficient

I've always seen the value in being effective and efficient w/ training. Not wasting time. Not just going through the motions. Many people do certain exercises simply because they are fancy or new. Stick w/ what works. If you don't know what works, ask and expert. Here are a few examples of what we've been [...]

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Tim’s Personal Training

A month ago I started training w/ Tim Pollock at his gym, Tim's Personal Training, in Hummelstown, PA. It had been a few years since I worked exclusively w/ a strength coach (RIP Don, miss you!), and it's been a great experience w/ positive results. We work a mixture of interval training in 30 second [...]

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Retro’s Most Fit Challenge

Here's a video recap of my recent trip to Retro Fit in Wayne, NJ.The fitness challenge was awesome; tons of sweat and hard work. A big thank you to Harris Masood for putting the video together, and to Mike at Impact Fitness and Jason at Way Out of the Box Marketing Concepts for putting the [...]

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Sunday at the Gym

Here's a little snippet of my Sunday trip to the gym. Sprints and shadowboxing. Fun times. Get a 1st person point of view; strap on your seat belt!

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The Ronald McDonald House

I recently made a trip to the Ronald McDonald house here in Hershey, PA. I got to learn a little bit about this great charity. Take a minute and listen to what's happening at the house.

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