#58 Interview: Legendary Wrestler Cary Kolat

During this interview, The Spaniard says, ”I love the fact that I got to wrestle for you. You’re one of a handful of the legendary.” He says this of Cary Kolat, who was one of his college coaches shortly after Cary had just wrestled in the Olympics. This was on top of an eye-popping record [...]

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Actual Fighter, Metaphorical Fighter

As A Fighter's Mindset - The Spaniard Podcast and AMX continue to grow, I receive more and more messages stating how our content is helping a variety of people in one way or another. Recently, I received an email from Chris Romulo aka CROM, and his story was quite interesting. A fighter by the literal [...]

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Fury at the Line-Jumper

You are not alone in your struggles. You might be confronting wrongdoing; being dismissed; straining to control your emotions; fighting to speak up; regretting defensiveness … The Spaniard and Dread touch on all of these while discussing a seemingly small incident of line-jumping at a store. The talk leads to valuable reminders of mindfulness, humility [...]

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RECORDED LIVE: Living with Intention

Recording before a live audience for the first time, The Spaniard and Dread dive into the saying ”How you do one thing is how you do everything.” What comes to the surface is intentionality. Find what matters to you most, align your life toward them, and keep going. Don’t be derailed by perfectionism, failures, or [...]

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Adversity is Preparation

Just before this episode was recorded, The Spaniard persevered through an audio failure while live-streaming a video. This illustrates the essential skill of continuing to perform during problems or detours. You can come to prize this about setbacks: They train you to survive setbacks. Consider adversity an important part of your preparation, along with daily [...]

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Notes from Lovers of Hard Work

Ahhh, there’s nothing like hard work and lots of it. The Spaniard and Dread compare notes on the joys and challenges of long hours. On the bright side, there is peace to be found during early-morning starts, and there are good habits to absorb from toiling friends. On the dark side, there can be difficulty [...]

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Running an Inspiring 10 Miles

The Spaniard just ran the Army 10-Miler with his brother, a veteran, and he found inspiration in every direction. He describes competitors who bow to no challenge, and he highlights two thought-provoking T-shirts that he spotted. This leads to discussion of aging well and of leading versus following versus obstructing. We also gain Dread’s recommendation [...]

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Team-Building Behind the Scenes

A college coach recently recruited The Spaniard to boost his team’s mental and physical capacities. You’ll hear how this work is helping high performers reach new levels of toughness and camaraderie through discipline and vulnerability. You’ll also hear how The Spaniard doggedly pursued a Mastermind group participant to allow continued growth. Plus, there are shout-outs [...]

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Interview Take-Aways: Frankie Edgar

As demonstrated in the previous episode, Frankie Edgar is a champion not only in the UFC but as a person. Now The Spaniard and Dread review their takeaways from the interview. These include the power of a support team, the importance of finding hard work that you can love and the paradox of navigating toward [...]

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Interview: Frankie Edgar, UFC Champion

”You can be a good person AND the best in the world. Frankie is a perfect example.” The Spaniard says that in this extra-special episode featuring Frankie Edgar, active UFC fighter and former lightweight champion, whose friendship with the Spaniard began during college. Frankie's devotion to family, friends, teammates and training shines as he discusses [...]

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